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Episode I: Shit Goes Down

It has been just over a year since the Mandalorian Wars ravaged the galaxy and a relative peace has settled in the Galactic Republic. Though the war-loving Mandalorian forces have been restrained, the damage done to the people of the systems they threatened, particularly in the Outer Rim Territories, has only just begun to heal. It is in these wild, outlaw spaces that our story begins, on a tiny freighter to the utmost edge of the galaxy, with several interest characters aboard…

This campaign takes place during the Old Republic, just after the Mandalorian Wars in 3,959 BBY. This is a pretty calm time, just before Revan and Malek have returned from the Outer Rim, and before Jedi have begun disappearing. However, as the Galaxy is young and mostly unexplored, this gives rise to many frontier planets, the perfect places for undesirables to hide and scheme away. In fact, the Civil War that is soon to come will hardly affect these planets, something their inhabitants possibly are aware of.

The action will all be taking place at Alba 16, a planet that later becomes bigger but for now is a pretty small colony.

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